Timber wooden door double glazing



wellington area

At the Woodworkshop we manufacture a wide variety of exterior timber doors including heritage, craftsman, statesman, panelled, TG&V and more. Our expert Door Manufacturers can help you choose the right style for your home



Make sure your doors are manufactured for exterior use. Some 'exterior' doors are specified for sheltered conditions and are not solid timber construction. 

Doors can be supplied hung in a new frame or as part of new entranceway.

Leadlights or your choice of glass can be fitted and double glazing is an option.


Our doors are made from clear cedar. They have safety glass fitted and a choice of finishes, clear cedar or primed, is available. 
Beware of doors made of pine, it is notoriously unstable as it expands and contracts with the change in the weather. Cedar has stood the test of time and many doors and windows in Wellington homes are over 100 years old.


The cost of a door is dependent on the style and the features included. A simple TG&V door would start around $1100 +GST, with other styles costing more. French door information can be found here.


Doors should ideally have safety glass fitted (including both sides of double glazing) as standard. Double glazing is increasingly popular but does add to the overall weight of the door. Staying with the 750mm range (see above) is also important to reduce stress on the hinges.