Timber windows wellington

At the Woodworkshop we manufacture all combinations of awning, casement, fixed, bungalow and sliding sash timber windows. The range of types, sizes and configurations is endless and our expert joinery team will help you find the right balance between cost and style.



Double glazing or single glazing is available for all types of windows. Double glazing should be a serious consideration, as the best time to double glaze is at manufacture.

Bathroom windows usually need obscure or safety glass fitted. If a window is below 700mm from the floor it will also need safety glass on the inside. 


A timber sash is the wooden frame which holds the glass in place. It can be either an opening sash or a fixed (in position) sash and the cost for a fixed sash or opening sash is the same.

Bedroom and Bathroom windows usually need opening sashes for ventilation.

A single sash window is the simplest and cheapest to manufacture whilst a six sash window will be considerably more expensive.


The cost of a window is almost totally dependent on the number of components that are included. A typical bathroom window with obscure / safety glass fitted would be around $890 +GST for single glazed and $990 +GST for double glazed. Send us an email to get a quote today. We deliver free in the Wellington Area.